Introducing ICE Token and Softdrink Bar

The following detail of ICE Token

  • Code : ICE
  • Smart Contract : 0x816427ed0c2986c14db63ca09b6376ffd9e0ad70
  • Supply : 1.000.000 ICE
  • Distribution :
    - 40% of total supply can be earned by staking COLA-SODA FREEZER Pool
    - 35% of total supply can be earned by staking in special pools SODA-NFT FLAVORS
    - 15% of total supply will be distributed to the community in the airdrop. which will be separated on 3 Airdrop. 5% For SODA or COLA holder. 5% for SODA and COLA LP Provider and the last 5% for the SODA or COLA Staker
  • -10% of total supply will be taken by Developer for project development and future expansion

The following detail of Softdrink Bar and ICE token Roadmap

The first stage

The second stage

The third stage

The fourth stage


  • Earn limited NFT Flavors by staking ICE-SODA
  • Lock and Hold event to earn various NFT Flavors and multiple reward




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Zidan Pangestu

Zidan Pangestu

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